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Silent Shout May 2021 Releases

Aktualisiert: 18. Mai 2021

May 07:

Theus Mago - Angola EP (incl. Sascha Funke Remix)

May 14:

Oliver Koletzki - Copal (single)

KLAVES - Illusion Of Peace (single)

May 21:

Elninodiablo - Dorothea’s Rainbow Remixes EP (incl. Prins Thomas, Ray Mang, Perel & elninodiablo)

Bertil Mark - Too Distant EP (incl. Popnoname & Julian Stetter Remixes)

May 28:

Douglas Greed - Wie Man Unsterbliche Tiere Züchtet (Michael Mayer Remix)

KLAVES - Illusion Of Peace EP

Maarten Vos & Nils Davidse - Behind The Rocks (single)

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